About The Area

Thurso, the most northerly town on the Scottish mainland, is a busy cosmopolitan and self sufficient community of over 10,000 people situated at the mouth of the river Thurso.

It traces its origins and takes its name from the old viking language, when it was named THOR-SAA, which translated means Thunder River. This presumably refers to the wild wintry days, which can sometimes hit the North of Scotland, and we can only presume that the Vikings must have invaded this particular place on such a day.

At one time, it was a main port for trade with Norway and Denmark, but now Scrabster Harbour is Thurso’s main link with the sea, and the Ro-Ro car ferry service to Orkney runs several times a day. Other ferries also call at this busy harbour, and it is a hive of activity in the fishing industry and the service industry to the North Sea. The old town has many interesting buildings and relics, including many old churches, the Meadow Well and the old Castle.

Thurso offers visitors a varied and entertaining selection of amenities to choose from, such as Surfing, Windsurfing, Sea Angling, Water Skiing, Sailing, Swimming, Bowls, Golf, Tennis, Boating, Loch & River Fishing, Rough and Clay Pigeon Shooting and Pony Trekking.